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Welcome to the Kwan Yin Reiki™ page. This site is designed to give you a glimpse of the healing guidance you can receive through the loving presence of Kwan Yin to generate your own healing needs...

Learn how you can put into practice self-healing on a regular basis to help control your emotions, patience, inner strength, and mental stamina. It will also give you the opportunity to gain new insights which will greatly increase your understanding and awareness of spiritual views.


I have been working closely with the energy of Kwan Yin for the past 20 years. I have found that I could call on her for assistance in finding lost objects, channeling messages, art, and poetry.
Kwan Yin's energy is very encouraging, loving, patient, forgiving, as well as healing. Kwan Yin reaches you/others through the heart level. I was first introduced to Kwan Yin through Magnified Healing®. She made me aware of the things that needed to be healed surrounding my life before personal (emotional) healing could take place. See "Who is Kwan Yin?" at link above
to learn more about Kwan Yin.

*Kwan Yin, protector and guide*


Kwan Yin Reiki™ is a channeled healing method using the 'goddess'symbol and Kwan Yin Reiki Oil, while learning how to in-tune yourself with the channeling of Kwan Yin. This healing energy is called Kwan Yin Reiki because, it utilizes the Reiki energy blended with the vibration of Kwan Yin as it brings in the goddess energy with a group synergy that is collective consciousness, becoming ONE through the initiation, meditation, guidance, and awareness. As with Rei-ki energy, it is universal energy, unlimited to those who want to create a deeper meaning and ritual in their life-path, be it healing or spiritual work of like kind.

One symbol is used in Kwan Yin Reiki™ healing.

Please feel free to contact me, Rev. Nancy, when inquiring about the workshop, or channeling.

And, please let me know that you have visited this site..... Thank you! More still to come...
Contact Rev. Nancy at:

Visit my sister website at: where you can read channeling from Kwan Yin, and The Beings of Light.
Also, you will find information on Reiki and other alternative healing methods.

I will leave you with a very powerful piece of poetry that started the process of Kwan Yin Reiki™.

Kwan Yin Reiki


A candle is lit and the flame

Wafts its scent through the air.

It waves in gentle motion

As your eyes dance upon its glare.

Within the flame colors form

Cool and bright, dim and warm.

All is purified, cleansed and clear

Kwan Yin enters here.

She brings with her

Pearls of white

And a moon that lights

The dark of night.

A vessel within her hands

Holding the sacred waters

That surrounds the land.

Sacred symbols rest upon her crown

They open like a flower

As the healing light comes down.

Touching every chakra

The light begins to spin

As the light becomes more vivid

Kwan Yin enters in.

Kwan Yin reflects the image

Where dis-ease found fertile ground

And shows us through our actions

How we created such a mound.

With intuition and perception

We learn to change our course,

Transmute the dark and stagnant aura

To a vibrant, healthy source.

Each chakra glows with a very special hue

As each symbol locks in place

An imprint is sealed with the essence of you.


Artwork and Poetry  by Nancy Kimes ć 2004 - to the present


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